Inclement Weather

Lightning and torrential rain are almost the only causes for cancellation of Summer Sports. If there’s a lightning strike in the vicinity during play, everyone will head home early. But as long as the fields are not under water and there is no lightning activity within 30 minutes of start-time at 6:00pm, we will almost certainly be playing.

As everyone knows, the Summer weather is impossible to predict. Not only is it ever-changing, but it also depends greatly on where you are in Columbia at a given hour. It might be raining cats-and-dogs outside of your office window in Downtown while it’s clear and sunny at Epworth Field. Because of that, you should nearly always assume that gameplay will be happening as scheduled.

Shandon Summer Sports officials closely monitor the weather forecast on Wednesdays. By 5:00pm every Wednesday, they will relay to participants what the outlook is like at Epworth Field and whether or not play will be suspended. That’s the best that we can do. We’ve seen in the past that most folks still show up to play even when the weather isn’t ideal, so always expect to make the best of it.